Annual Meeting of the
International Society for Research on Impulsivity


The International Society for Research on Impulsivity (InSRI) will hold its 2014 Annual Meeting on
Thursday 24th July 2014, as a one-day satellite symposium to the British Association for Psychopharmacology
Summer Meeting in Cambridge, UK.

The meeting will feature three sessions, on Risk-taking and Impulsivity, Boosting Impulse Control, and Impulsivity and Compulsivity. We are delighted to announce an outstanding programme of international speakers, including:

Risk-taking and Impulsivity

  • Professor Matthias Brand (University of Duisberg-Essen): The interaction of emotional and cognitive influences on risk-taking
  • Professor Dai Stephens (University of Sussex): title tbc
  • Dr Sylvie Granon (Université d'Orsay, France): Impulsivity, gambling, and social interaction in mice
  • Professor Matt Field (University of Liverpool) Relationships between impulsivity and alcohol involvement in adolescents
  • Dr Robert Whelan (Trinity College Dublin): What can big data tell us about impulsivity and risk-taking?  

Boosting Impulse Control

  • Professor Gerry Moeller (Virginia Commonwealth University): Impulsivity and Cue Reactivity as Treatment Targets in Cocaine Addiction
  • Professor Frederick Verbruggen (University of Exeter): Proactive control and gambling
  • Dr Molly Crockett (University of Oxford ): Neural mechanisms of precommitment
  • Dr Lianne Schmaal (Amsterdam Medical Centre): Pharmacological modulation of functional connectivity and impulsivity in alcohol dependent patients

Impulsivity and Compulsivity

  • Professor Celeste Napier (Rush University, Chicago): title tbc
  • Dr David Belin (University of Poitiers / University of Cambridge): Inter-individual differences in the intrastriatal shifts mediating habitual and compulsive behaviours: focus on impulsivity
  • Dr Claire Gillan (NYU): The habit hypothesis of OCD: behavioral experiments and functional brain imaging
  • Professor Andrew Lawrence (University of Cardiff): title tbc


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Organising Committee: Luke Clark, Valerie Voon, David Belin

International Committee: Marc Potenza, F. Gerard Moeller, Charles Mathias