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     Society of Biological Psychiatry - 69th Annual Scientific Meeting.  The 69th annual scientific meeting of the Society of Biological Psychiatry is planned May 8-10, 2014.  Location: Hilton New York
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    British Association for Psychopharmacology - Summer Meeting 2014 Cambridge.  The 2014 BAP Annual Meeting coincides with the 40th anniversary year of BAP, and to celebrate the meeting will be held in Cambridge for the first time since 2003. It promises to be an outstanding scientific meeting, with nine excellent symposia covering topics as diverse as psycho-immunology, genetics and developmental perspectives on psychiatric disorders. There will also be the usual range of oral and poster presentation sessions, showcasing the very best science in the field.
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Post-doctoral Fellow Wanted –to contribute to a multisite study focused on warning signs for suicide attempts among veterans and civilians. The applicant will receive training in the administration and dissemination of a detailed clinical research interview focusing on the 48 hours prior to a suicide attempt and receive specialized training on acute crisis intervention. Specifically, the applicant will be part of a research team responsible for local work to take place at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (e.g., recruiting, consenting and interviewing participants; supervising interviewers) as well as for virtual work with coordinators at other sites (e.g., ensuring fidelity of interviews and adherence to the protocol). The applicant must have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from an APA accredited program. The PI and co-Is independently have multiple existing databases from past experimental and self-report studies using clinical populations. These existing databases focus on substance use/anxiety/mood disorders, suicidal behavior, substance use/anxiety disorder/suicide-related vulnerabilities (e.g., impulsivity and affective instability), and related pathology (e.g., borderline personality disorder). Opportunities for publication will be available to interested fellows. The fellow will be supervised by the Principal Investigator, Dr. Courtney Bagge, and also by co-Investigators, Drs. Julie Schumacher and Scott Coffey. Position to start July 1, 2014, or as soon as possible thereafter, and will officially end on 6/31/2016. For further details please contact Dr. Bagge at


Impulsivity in the News


Recent news headlines discussing issues related to impulsivity21-Apr-2014

Recent news headlines discussing issues related to impulsivity. News items cited here do not re..