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BIS-11 Dialectal Arabic

Dialectal Arabic language version of the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale

134 adults, ages 20-49 from the general population.

Translation Method
English to dialectal Arabic with back translation to English.  Some questions were modified to be understood by a population with low education.
Item Analysis
Cronbach’s alpha’s were: Attentional = 0.66; Motor = 0.72; Nonplanning = 0.61; and Total = 0.78
Factor Analysis
Factor analysis identified a three factor solut
Validation of the dialectal Arabic version of Barratt’s impulsivity scale, the BIS-11.
Ellouze F, Ghaffari O, Zouari O, Zouari B, M’rad MF.  (2013)
Encéphale, 39, 13-18.
PubMed ID 23122681