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2020 Annual (Virtual) Meeting of the International Society for Research on Impulsivity

In light of the current COVID-19 situation and SOBP’s decision to cancel their annual scientific meeting and in discussion with the board of the International Society for Research on Impulsivity (InSRI), we have decided to offer virtual programming at no cost for this meeting.

No Registration Necessary.   Link to Join:
All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Schedule of Sessions

Thursday, April 30

2:00 pm -3:30 pm
Welcome and Introduction – Marc Potenza (Yale)
Session 1 – Neural circuits of attention, substance-use, and suicidal behavior
Chair: Sarah Yip (Yale)
Speaker 1: Monica Rosenberg (U Chicago): “Predicting attention with functional brain connectivity.” (20 minutes)
Speaker 2: Sarah Lichenstein (Yale): “Brain-based prediction of versus cocaine abstinence among treatment-seeking polysubstance users” (20 minutes)
Speaker 3: Alexandre Dombrovski (U Pittsburgh): “Hippocampal encoding of reinforcement, explore/exploit dilemma and suicidal behavior” (20 minutes)
Panel Discussion: Sarah Yip, Monica Rosenberg, Sarah Lichenstein, Alex Dombrovski, Avram Holmes (20 minutes)

Friday, May 1st

2:00 pm -3:30 pm
Session 2– Methodological considerations for studying reward, impulsivity, and inhibitory control processes
Chair: Anna Konova (Rutgers)
Speaker 1: Henry Chase (U Pittsburgh): “Exploring strategies for resolving discrepancies in investigations of reward function in bipolar disorder” (20 minutes)
Speaker 2: Martin Paulus (Laureate Institute): “Latent Variables underlying Strategic Adjustments During Inhibitory Processing” (20 minutes)
Speaker 3: Karolina Lempert (U Penn): “The role of episodic memory in deciding about the future: Implications for healthy and pathological aging” (20 minutes)
Panel Discussion: Anna Konova, Henry Chase, Martin Paulus, Karolina Lempert, Jasmin Vassileva (VCU) (20 minutes)

Monday, May 4th

2:00 pm -3:30 pm
Session 3 – Understanding complex impulsive behaviors

Chairs: Alan Swann, Marc Potenza (Yale)

Speaker 1: Stephanie Groman (Yale) “Elucidating the role of orbitofrontal circuits in reinforcement learning and addiction-relevant mechanisms in rat” (20 minutes)
Speaker 2: Alain Dagher (McGill): “Impulsivity as a risk factor in obesity” (20 minutes)
Speaker 3: David Lyndon Staley (U Penn): “Day-to-day fluctuations in sensation-seeking and implications for risky behavior” (20 minutes)
Panel Discussion: Stephanie Groman, Alain Dagher, David Lyndon, Marc Potenza, Alan Swann, Catherine A. Winstanley

Organizing Committe

F. Gerard Moeller M.D. ‐ Virginia Commonwealth University
Marc N. Potenza M.D., Ph.D. ‐ Yale School of Medicine
Alan C. Swann M.D. ‐ Baylor College of Medicine
Catharine Winstanley Ph.D. ‐ University of British Columbia ‐ Vancouver
Sarah Yip, Ph.D. – Yale University
Anna Konova, Ph.D. – Rutgers University