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Membership – International Society for Research on Impulsivity

You are invited to join a select group of internationally recognized impulsivity research experts.
During the last two decades the amount of scholarly activity studying impulsivity has increased exponentially.  The International Research Society on Impulsivity was founded to bring coherence to this expanding field of inquiry.  The society provides a forum for interacting with experts in the field and for advancing public health issues related to impulsivity.  Joining the society provides you with the opportunity to interact with leaders who are fueling innovation and development in the field of impulsivity research.
The Society has several membership categories:
Regular Member:  For faculty and those after their terminal degree, regular membership is $100 per year.
Trainee Member:  For students enrolled in a medical, graduate, undergraduate, or other professional training program (including postdoctoral fellowships) membership is at a reduced rate of per $50 year.
Benefits of membership include:
  • Reduced rates for annual meeting registration and registration for satellite meetings
  • Receipt of timing news correspondence from the society on issues pertinent to the impulsivity field
  • Leadership opportunities on committees or elected officers of the society
  • Recognition and affiliation with a premier organization
  • Networking and professional development
To submit an application for membership, complete this on-line form with submission of your first year of dues.
Applications will be reviewed by members of the International Society for Research on Impulsivity Executive Committee and notification of acceptance will be sent directly to the address listed in your application.